Baked Sunday Mornings: Election Palmiers

I am to be a blue girl living in a red state, and in a state as deeply red as mine elections can be pretty boring, frustrating, and comical. I thought these election palmiers might bring some spice back into these anti-climatic midterm elections and may ease the pain of the Mia Love victory.
palmiers #3These cookies are pretty simple and contain a few ingredients, something that is fairly rare from a Baked recipe. However, for such a simple ingredient list there is a fair amount of instruction. The first task is to make puff pastry, which I had never done before. I put butter, water, lemon juice, flour, and salt into the freezer and left them for fifteen minutes. After a short 15 minute stint in the freezer everything was thrown into the food processor, where I had to use all of the water/lemon juice to get the dough to hold together in a pinch test. It did take a minute to get the dough to come together on the counter, but then was pretty easy to perform the requested folds and into the fridge it went. In my pre-baby life I would have been anal and timed the refrigeration times, but post-baby the dough stayed in a little longer then the requested times. Rolling and folding of the dough are preformed one more time before the cookie making magic happens.

palmiers #2 The actual putting together of these is where things feel apart, and I have no one to blame but myself. I skimmed the directions, and since things had been going so smoothly, just figured I had this one in the bag. Well, I began rolling out the dough without first dusting the bottom parchment or the top of the dough in the cinnamon sugar (I omitted the cayenne as I do not like spicy desserts). Then like a crazy person, I rolled this out to the size of a half sheet pan, when really I just needed a piece of parchment this size. Needless to say, I am pretty short and using a rolling pin can prove challenging. This required all my strength, and at the time I was really proud at myself for sticking with it and getting oh, so thin. For some odd reason, I decided to look back at the recipe only to notice that I had done everything absolutely wrong. I then gathered all my dough up and into the fridge it went. I should have called uncle at this point, but I felt too invested and decide to let my dough firm-up and reuse it. I then followed the recipe to a tee. The result was a pretty uniform, but dense cookie (I had 24 total), as the dough really got the life rolled out of it. All things considering they were not that bad, but maybe I am justifying them because of how badly I messed-up this recipe (yet, somehow I managed to eat ¾ of them). I also felt like the cinnamon taste was a little lost, which was a little disappointing considering I used some Vietnamese cinnamon. I really need to give this one a second shot, with a box of puff pastry on hand, just in case.
paliers #1Check out my recipe following fellow bakers at Baked Sunday Mornings. They can probably give you a better sense of how these cookies were meant to taste.

Recipe from: Baked Occasions by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito


6 thoughts on “Baked Sunday Mornings: Election Palmiers

  1. For “doing these wrong”, I think you aced these! They look lovely! I give you credit for plugging through it and turning out such lovely palmiers. Very nice!


  2. They really don’t look any worse for the wear! I was wondering if mine had a little too much spice–I have a fairly strong Vietnamese cinnamon as well and I thought that cutting the cayenne a bit might be warranted with such a strong cinnamon. Maybe just cutting back to 1 tsp if the cinnamon on its own seems lost?


  3. SandraM says:

    Okay, if this is ‘wrong’ why do they look so right!!! Great job!


  4. Chelly says:

    They sure look great….looks like whatever was wrong turned out to be very right! Good for you for hanging in there!


  5. What they said– your palmiers look great! I was like, what does she mean, she messed up?? Don’t worry, we have ALL had recipe mishaps– it happens. Good for you for sticking with it. And by the way, I had trouble rolling mine out too– I couldn’t get it quite as thin as I wanted, so I can appreciate how hard you must have worked on that! :-/


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