Baked Sunday Mornings: Blood Orange Tiramisu

Can I be honest here? I have never had a blood orange. I like regular oranges and other citrus fruit, I guess just the blood aspect of the name has always turned me off. I was slightly hesitant to try this week’s BSM recipe, a blood orange tiramisu, because I really couldn’t imagine what it would taste like and also because blood oranges were twice the price of good old regular oranges at our local market. However, I was excited for a change from the usual, slightly boring tiramisu.


This is a no baked dessert, and there are both uncooked egg whites and yolks as well as lots of booze-not a friendly dessert for everyone. Just getting the ingredients together was the toughest part of this one. Most of these ingredients-lady fingers, mascarpone, Grand Marnier are not things we usually have around. Dipping the lady fingers took no time and I managed to get it all done while holding a tired 10 month-old. The only weird part to assembly was getting the required number of lady fingers to fit into a 9′ by 13′ pan. I had to eat a couple of the ends off the lady fingers to get them all to fit snuggly (I used the Whole Foods organic lady fingers).


I made this around 4:00 in the afternoon and let it set until the following day, after dinner. We really liked this one, could possibly be my favorite recipe from Occasions yet. Why have I been avoiding blood oranges all this time? To be honest the taste of the blood orange was slightly underwhelming-it was more like an orange then I expected, but the pinkishy red color is so pretty. One could easily use naval oranges or even clementines if blood oranges were unavailable. The mascarpone mixture was just the right level of sweetness and although I was skeptical of the cocoa powder dusting between the layers and on top (as I am usually not a huge fan of orange and chocolate), it really worked well. The one thing I may changes next time is to make about a little extra of the dipping liquid as I found the finished product slightly dry. The blood orange tiramisu is a delicious essert that will brighten these cold and depressing winter days.

Find out how my fellow bakers faired here.

Recipe from: Baked Occasions by Matt Lewis & Renato Poliafito

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One thought on “Baked Sunday Mornings: Blood Orange Tiramisu

  1. I just loved this one too! It’s nice to have a no-bake dessert once in a while. And yes, those blood oranges are sooo good– if you want a more intense, tart flavor, try to find the REALLY dark Moro variety. They are a deep purple inside! For the juice amount, did you go by the recommended number of oranges or the quantity of juice? I found that I needed way more oranges to yield 1 cup juice (half recipe). I am so impressed that you were able to do this while holding your baby!


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