Baked Sunday Mornings: Light and Lemony Jelly Roll Cake with Raspberry Cream Filling

I have been watching the Great British Bake Off, where homebakers test their skill in bake off challenges. The bakers’ first challenge was to make a Swiss roll, a thin sponge cake that is rolled around some kind of filling. Some of the bakers really struggled. There were frazzled expression on some of the bakers faces as their cakes split during the rolling process. The covered their mistakes the best they could, but some of them were pretty disastrous. I think I was too struck by the sheer horror of being on television and having some epic baking fails, I was hoping that this week’s BSM challenge-the light and lemony jelly roll with raspberry cream filling would fare better.

For this recipe you really need to be ready and willing to wash some dishes. For the cake portion you mix five egg yolks with sugar then adding lemon zest and extract. I lucked out as I have two kitchen-aid mixers and had the remaining five egg white beating at the same time as the yolks. If I didn’t have the second mixer, I would have had to transfer the yolk, sugar mixture to a separate bowl and wash the mixing bowl for the egg whites. The two egg mixtures are folded together interspersed with some cake flour and baking powder. The cake bakes up fairly quickly. I left mine in close to nine minutes, but watched it the whole time and tested it every minute after five for springiness. The cake is topped with damp paper towels, then sprinkled with powder sugar and inverted onto a tea towel. The only part of this recipe that gave me trouble was trimming off the sides. It was kind of messy and I thought unnecessary to the finished product. The still warm cake is rolled with the tea towel and allowed to rest.


After the cake is cooled and the mixing bowl cleaned again it is topped with a filling of whipped cream, powder sugar, and raspberry sauce (pureed raspberries put through a fine mess strainer). I added the optional Chambord, two tbsp. Then the cake is unrolled, filled with the raspberry whipped cream and cut raspberries and rolled back-up. I had a little cream seepage, so next time, I may not put the whipped cream to edges, leaving a half inch of buffer. This cake rolled surprisingly easily, so there was no need to worry about cracking or splitting.
I left this in the refrigerator overnight, and tried it for lunch with some taste testers the next day. I wasn’t too impressed with the scraps of cake I tried the night it was baked, the lemon flavor was really strong, but when I tasted the whole thing, cake and whipped cream together, it was magic-very delicious. To me this one is better eaten cold. I also feel like the Chambord is a must. Yes, it is expensive, but you can use it again in almost any berry dessert to boost the flavor, so it is worth the investment (It also comes in a really pretty bottle). It is also a really impressive dessert, one that people are sure to think-how did they do that? And although I complained about doing a lot of dishes-partially my fault. I did make this around 7:00 (late for me) and actually had to drag the mixer to the back porch so not to wake the baby. Not sure how often this one will be in my usual rotation, but I am really glad I gave it a try.


Did my fellow bakers end up like the Great British Bake Off bakers, frazzled by their attempts at a Swiss roll? Prfobably not, but you can find out here.


4 thoughts on “Baked Sunday Mornings: Light and Lemony Jelly Roll Cake with Raspberry Cream Filling

  1. I wish I had added the Chambord. Your cake looks beautiful!


  2. Susan says:

    I agree – not a routine dessert but delicious!


  3. Yes, a lot of dishwashing for sure– good thing it was a nice payoff for all that work! I would cut the filling by ⅓– I found that there was way too much also (though I would have no problem just eating it with a spoon)… I agree that the cake by itself was not special, but all together it was lovely. Nice job! 🙂


  4. SandraM says:

    Looks wonderful. Will need to make this for sure.


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