Buttery Pound Cake with Salty Caramel Glaze

The Baked boys intended this pound cake to be eaten for Shakespeare Day, something that was eaten during a highschool trip to England. A bit of a stretch, but I didn’t care as I love pound cake because it is delicious, versatile, and very forgiving.

This cake is really easy to put together. Butter (preferably European butter-I used Plugra) and sugar are beaten until fluffy with whole eggs, egg yolks, and vanilla extract incorporated. Flour is mixed in three parts alternating with heavy cream. The instructions call for baking 55-65 minutes. I checked mine at 55, it still wasn’t done and I kind of forgot about it, so at 65 minutes it was a little dark around the edges.


There is an optional salty caramel glaze, which should be required. While the pound cake was good, the a glaze made it sublime. I applied the caramel right after the cake was baked by setting the pound cake on a wire rack above a parchment lined half-sheet. I guess I was feeling generous so I recycled any caramel that had dripped onto the pan. Again, questioning why this is optional, as this caramel is amazing, it’s a shame to let any go to waste. Also cutting off and discarding the ends, as the recipe requests, is just crazy. This cake is so outstanding you do not want to waste a crumb. I am usually one of those people who throw away my bread ends, but I ate both of this pound cakes ends. I actually didn’t use the fleur de sel, so my finished project was a pound cake with caramel glaze.


Do not let looks fool you, this may not be the most beautiful cake (my full loaf pictures oddly look like meatloaf), but the taste was amazing! The first day it was great, the next day it was also delicious, and sadly this cake didn’t make it to day three or even to the refrigerator as the recipe indicates that some prefer this one cold. My husband and I debated if this was the best Occasions recipe yet, or if it was the Hair of the Dog Cake. My husband prefers the later, but for me this one takes the cake. We served this one plain and with strawberries. It would be great with ice-cream or coffee. This is one cake that I will be making often, Shakespeare day or not. See if the fellow Baked Sunday Mornings bakers liked this one as much as I did.

Recipe from: Baked Occasions by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito


5 thoughts on “Buttery Pound Cake with Salty Caramel Glaze

  1. LOL…it doesn’t look like meatloaf at all…it looks delicious!


  2. busylizzybakes says:

    “Also cutting off and discarding the ends, as the recipe requests, is just crazy.” Ha, I agree! I thought that was the best part, my ends were a bit caramelized and nicely crunchy.


  3. SandraM says:

    Mmm. I love a good loaf. This one looks and sounds delicious.


  4. Mine was the exact same shape. Looks can be deceiving!! It’s so yummy.


  5. I could not agree more– there is nothing *optional* about the caramel! 🙂


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