Baked Sunday Mornings: Chocolate Rice Crispy “Cake” with Homemade Marshmallow “Icing”

At my house there is differing opinions regarding rice crispy treats. My husband loves his dry, bland and lightly sugared, whereas I like mine gooey and full of marshmallows. I think the men at Baked fall into the same camp as me, as these rice crispy treats are oh, so gooey. The actual making of the rice crispies is easy, it’s a pretty standard recipe with the exception of cocoa rice cereal, additional chocolate that is melted before adding the cereal and some during the addition of the cereal, and homemade marshmallows. This was my first attempt at making marshmallows and it’s a fairly easy, yet messy process (hand washing dishes with melted sugar sucks). I felt like there was a lot of waiting followed by a hurried push to get the marshmallow fluff out of the mixing bowl and into the loaf pans. In this rush I forgot to add the vanilla, so the marshmallows were pretty bland.


The addition of homemade marshmallows resulted in a more chewy rice crispy treat, which both my husband and I enjoyed. I also loved the addition of the melted chocolate interspersed by the chocolate chunks. Wasn’t really sure about the “icing.” Maybe because I failed to add vanilla, but we found it cumbersome to eat and slightly unappealing (treats this soft and full of marshmallows did not need an additional marshmallow top), and ate these treats sans the marshmallow layer. These treats (without the icing) were a mess of chocolate and marshmallow, just my style. My husband liked them, but wasn’t as big of a fan. I would probably make these again in the future, but with store bought marshmallows. While I was glad to finally take the plunge and make marshmallows, they are a lot of work for something that is overshadowed by a rice cereal. Not sure if it was worth the effort. These treats though make up in no time, and I will probably be making them again, but a half batch to justify me consuming them solo.

Recipe from: Baked Occasions by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito


One thought on “Baked Sunday Mornings: Chocolate Rice Crispy “Cake” with Homemade Marshmallow “Icing”

  1. hsimpsongrossman says:

    I’m on your husband’s side…


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