BSM: Kitchen Sink Dutch Baby

IMG_1427.JPGSo it has been awhile, but I missed baking with the bakers from BSM. I wanted to jump into things last week, but that assignments was an ice-cream cake that seemed pretty intimidating, so I waited until this week to bake something that required a little less dishes to wash. I don’t know if I have ever had a Dutch Baby, but it is pretty easy and kind of similar to a clatoufi. Eggs, milk, flour, and brown sugar are mixed together in the blender and poured over fruit (I went by the recipe and used bananas), topped with some chocolate chips, and baked. I baked mine for the minimum time, and it was fairly dark. It also never really climbed out the sides (my pan was slightly larger than called for, but it is the only cask iron skillet I have). If I was to make this again I would do a much better job of greasing the sides, as mine stuck and it was not a pretty sight on the plate. I did serve it with maple syrup, but really it is pretty sweet without. That being said, it tasted delicious and everyone really loved it. This is a great quick dessert that doesn’t make a giant mess and is a perfect one night treat (this isn’t something you will need to pon off to neighbors and coworkers).


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