BSM Mae’s Cresent Cookies

This week’s BSM assignment was the tricolored cake. While it seems appetizing, the other adult sweet-eater in my household isn’t always the biggest fan of cakes, so I decided to go rouge this week and make a previously scheduled bake that I missed. I opted for Mae’s Crescent Cookies, a short-bready, walnutty treat. These are so easy to make and no chilling required! Not the most attractive cookies, and I only am showcasing the best ones here, as the shape and size of mine were all over the place. I attribute that to letting a three year old be involved in the shaping and sugaring process.

IMG_1432.JPGMy husband was a huge fan of these cookies, but for me I could take these or leave them. I personally liked the whipped shortbread or the derby cookies from this book better.



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