Bio: I picked-up my first Baked book (Baked: New Frontiers) from the sale rack at Urban Outfitters for about $5, and figured that even if I found one recipe I loved, that the book would pay for itself. I first tried the Baked brownie, and it won me over. It's a little more work then most other brownie recipes, but the resulting intense chocolate experience was well worth the effort (and calories). I baked other recipes from Frontiers and then proceeded to bake other delicious treats from the subsequent Baked books. I also made my husband venture to Red Hook (it took us a couple of subway lines and a bus to get there) while on our honeymoon to NYC. About a year ago, I stumbled on Baked Sunday Mornings, a group of people who share my love for all things Baked, and began baking along. I finally decided not to keep baking in the shadows, but to publish my experiences on my own blog. I live in Salt Lake City with my professional chef husband, adorable and busy infant daughter, and blind pug. I work in cancer research and pilates, hiking, reading, and baking all help me make it through the day.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. It’s great to have you join the group, Nicole! I wonder how many other people are “baking in the shadows”?? 🙂


  2. elyann14 says:

    Hi Nicole! Nice recipes you have here, will look forward seeing more =)


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